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About us

Welcome to Oh So Fabulous!! I must say that you have fabulous taste! :) 

I'm Ashlee Sosa - I'm a 30 something new mama with a super amazing supportive husband that lets me play with glitter and girly things for a living! I'm obsessed with glitter, Disney, Starbucks, Baseball and anything pink. I've always and forever been a huge Disney nerd and a crafty girl, so here at OSF, I've been able to put my love of those two things together!  

We are located in the St. Louis metro east area....Go Cardinals! OSF has been up and running since 2008 when I was in college. I had a great friend that finally convinced me that I should probably be selling what I made rather than just giving people things for fun! We started on Etsy and are working on moving everything here to our very own little piece of internet.

I should introduce the "We" that I talk about from the Oh So Fabulous Team:

  • Me! Ashlee :) - I design, create, and ship everything! I'm also the one who answers all of the emails...if you want to chat, send me one at
  • Ben - my super supportive hubby that calls himself the Director of Distribution.....aka he's really awesome at making Post Office runs to drop off your packages!
  • Parker - aka the CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD. The little guy that has given me my #BestDayEver - he hangs with mama while she works. He loves Toy Story and Monsters Inc and Mickey Mouse is ride or die bestie!
  • Beauty & Beast - my adorable pups! You can find pics of them on our instagram page @ohsofabulous if you just need some cuteness in your life. 
Take a look around, we hope you find something pretty that you like! 
Instagram: @ohsofabulous
Twitter: @ohsofabshop